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Questions related to my upcoming Dale Hollow trip

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Hey guys, been awhile since I've been out on this forum since I just don't have as much time to fish as I'd like. Anyway, my family and I will be traveling to the Sulpher Creek area of Dale Hollow the 2nd week in June and we're renting a houseboat for the week. I plan on trying to do as much fishing as possible so I've got some questions about that but I've also got some questions about the houseboat as well.

First, our plan is to take the houseboat out from the Sulpher Creek Marina and park it somewhere and make it our base of operations, but I'm wondering where might be some good places to park that thing. Specifically, what places should I avoid? We'll just be there throughout the week so I'm not TOO worried about setting up in the middle of Party Cove, but you never know, especially since I haven't been there in  50 years.

On the fishing side of things, what about licenses? Do I buy a KY or TN license and does it allow me to fish in the other state, or do I have to purchase both if I wish to venture over into foreign waters?

What are some tips for fishing up there during the 2nd week of June? Deep, shallow, creeks, main lake humps and points, grass, submerged bridges, buildings, roadbeds, etc.? I'll mostly be fishing for bass (LM & SM) but I'll also have a passel of kids with me too, so I'd like to be able to put them on some bream, redear, shellcracker, etc...

Thanks guys!


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Mike check your other posting I replied there or send me an e-mail direct to fishnkamp@comcast.net. I would be happy to get on the phone and go over a bunch of info. My wife and I just spent 20 days out there.  

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