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Sword Lord

NW In - La Salle / Black Oak Bayou draining

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Anyone in the Northwest Indiana area fish the La Salle Fish and Wildlife / Black Oak Bayou?

Anyone familiar with Zack DeYoung, the new manager who has decided to drain the Black Oak Boyou in favor for more bird hunting? Even though 500+ signatures on a petition were presented because he didn't bring it to the board or hold a community meeting over the idea, he just decided on his own.

Now I am all for the hunters having their days.....but the bayou already closed between Aug. 15th to the end of the year and allowed over 600 ducks alone to be taken out of the area just last year....how many birds need to be blasted? Not to mention the impact it will have on the bald eagles that have begun to flourish in the area. The bayou is down 3 feet and most of the lillies have died out and it looks more like a swamp that has been gassed and bombed than a lake.

I went there yesterday and my heart sank. I could not believe the once beautiful bayou looked like a war had happened. It was truly the only quality fishing spot in all of NW Indiana and now it is gone. Zack DeYoung needs to be fired and the area needs to be restored to it's splendor.

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