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Storm Kickin Stick

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I just got a storm kickin stick (chrome bunker). And im wondering if anyone has had success with these. Its the 5" 2/3oz version.

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I have them in rainbow trout, blue steel shad, and chrome perch and I have success with them. I use them in cooler water, mid to upper 50s and it is because these have a tighter swim than say a Sebile Magic Swimmer. There are times when I do throw them in summer though, if I'm on a good bit, I'll throw them to try and attract larger fish and it works. The thing is when you fish it in warmer water, make a slow steady retrieve for a few feetthen give it a pop but do it so you throw slack in the line, it will make the bait turn around and that action often is what triggers strikes. I saw that on a fishing show and 2 seasons ago we were catching a lot of dinks on swim jigs so I broke out the kickin stick and the first cast I had a nice one just follow it. So I made the same cast and after four or five cranks of the reel I popped the rod and the bait got creamed, 6lb. 9oz largemouth that could not stand the bait turning on it like that. These work well and they work in a lot of different situations but I found the best time is the fall, right after the first frost, that is when it is at its deadliest and it draws big fish.

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