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pitching for largemouth in Michigan lakes

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Hi.what kind of set-up to pitch for largemouth do I use since we don,t have the size bass you guys have in the south.If you can be specific rods, reels,and line,that would be helpful.Will be fishing in weeds



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I'm also up north.  I use a megabass XX perfect pitch/zillion 50th anniversary and a klx 7'3" heavy/Shimano exsence dc.  I have 40lb braid on both.

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I'm up north as well.  I think your ideal set up will be determined more by the cover you're fishing than the size of the fish.  Most recommendations from the south still apply.  For specific gear, what's your price range?  In general:


A medium-heavy power, fast or extra fast action baitcasting rod in the 7 ft range will serve you well in sparse-to-moderate weeds and will be a versatile rod for other techniques as well. 

For the heaviest weeds, step up to a heavy power/fast or extra fast action.  7 ft will get by, but I prefer an even longer "flippin stick" (7'11"), especially around taller emergent stuff (pencil reeds, cattails, arrowhead...).  I find the extra length helps me flip the bait up and into these weeds, and also pull it out with fewer snags (keeps things a bit more vertical).


Any decent quality baitcasting reel is fine for these techniques.  A high gear ratio will improve your efficiency a bit by picking up line faster between pitches.  If you're pitching light lures (<1/4 oz) then reel choice will become a bit more important.


For me, heavy weeds = braid.  50 lb Power Pro or Sufix 832 work for me and don't break the bank.  I prefer hi-vis yellow for flipping/pitching because it stands out for line watching.  Focusing on a green line against a wall of green reeds, green water, in the wind is tough.  Take a sharpie marker to the last few feet to camo it a bit.


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