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Mosquito Lagoon Pumpkin Patch

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I finally found some time to get out today, been busy as hell lately and it's been killing me because the wind has been non existant the past few days which equates to killer redfishing.. Thankfully, today was also windless, and the redfishing was killer.. I caught too many keep count of and every single one of them was tailing... I had went with a friend of mine who had a spot he said he was doing good at which is a few miles south of the spot I have been destroying them in. Reluctantly I agreed to tag with him and check it out..  We were greeted by tons of tails, unfortunately they were mullet tailing on the flats.. He picked up a couple reds blind casting which was fine, but that's not my style, I would much rather sight fish em... After a few unproductive hours and my gut screaming at me to go north to my spot, I told him I was gonna blast on up there and check it out... It was a 3 mile paddle but the hunch was strong so I just started digging.. Hit my target area and was rewarded with REAL tails all day.. At one point I had 6 schools of reds in front of me and they were all standing on their heads grubbing off the bottom.. When they are tailing they are generally pretty easy to catch but alas, these fish were fussy and I threw just about everything in the box at them and they only thing they would touch was a small 2" shrimp lure.. Once I dialed in what they wanted it was an absolute slaughter.. Here's a video of a pod of tailers I managed to get.. They were straight belly crawling that water is about 10" deep in the video (full screen is better)

And here's a few fish from today... No big ones, but when they are tailing like that and you can sight fish all day, them being small don't hurt my feelings at all.. 






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