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Tracker Boat covers

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 boat cover pic 3.jpg

Do any of you tracker owners have a cover that came with your boat? I called Bass Pro to replace mine and they refered me to Tracker. I ordered a new cover for my boat, as I wanted the right one. One for a boat with a trolling motor. They charged me over $400,.. sent me one and I dont believe it is the correct one, as it doesnt have the protective fabric all the way down the length of the trolling motor, like my original one had. I called Tracker about this and they are giving me the run around telling me that this is the right one, and its a special order, so its my problem that my new trolling motor is bigger than trackers "ORIGINAL"  offered product. (the one they usually sell with the boat) 

 So I ask you,... does this cover look like one for a trolling motor?

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I bought my Tracker used, but the cover that came with it has the thicker material at the end, but it doesn't go the whole length of the trolling motor. I don't use it much, I normally just go on on day trips and it's back in the garage when I'm home. On overnight trips, I put a big beach towel over the TM before I cover it.

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