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Will Wetline

Quabbin Smallmouth, 6/2 & 4/16

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Weather forecast was great as far as comfort was concerned: sun, light wind, mid 70ºs.

Let's start on my favorite pile of rocks at 7:00. Decided to offer the smallies a hearty breakfast in the form of a Duo Realis Pencil 110. On the first cast, I hadn't even started the retrieve when KABOOM!


Second cast, zig, zag, zig . . . a smallie of about 3 1/4 lbs. ate it. No pic because after I got it and the two #4 treble hooks out of the net, I dipped it in the 69.9º water and lost my grip on it.

Action calmed after that and so did the surface. Looking into this 400 billion gallon aquarium I saw small perch swimming. And I saw a smallie bust the surface. Aha! A "bug bite" was happening. Insects were hatching and little fish were eating them and bigger fish were eating both. Thought about rigging a large A Just A Bubble float with a wacky rigged 4" Slim Senko underneath but decided to try just the bait first. It worked and with a slow, twitchy retrieve, accounted for six smallies between 1 1/2 - 3+ lbs. Fun on 6 lb. fluoro and a 6 1/2' medium light rod. Here are two:



Afternoon was spent searching flats with a Spin Bait 80. Water temp 71.7. Only a couple of hungry fish were found. Here's the better of the two:


I felt satisfied after a short, ten hour day on the beautiful Q, and headed back to the dock.


Scott joined me Saturday. We covered a lot of water in the morning but netted only a few fish. Weather got increasingly hot and humid.

Here's an afternoon smallie fooled by a Duo Realis Spin Bait 80 in their Komochi Wakasagi finish:


At 3:00, we're working the steep breaking edge of a flat. I'm hot and bored and, to amuse myself, I worked a popper to make a commotion, stir up the surface at least. Huh!


It's 4:45 now and we're on a long, offshore structure with a lot of empty beds. I started with the 4" wacky Slim Senko and hooked a decent fish which had a companion. While playing it, I said, "Scott, why don't you throw something at the follower."


This 4.12 lber. was the day's best.

Maybe the popper would work again?


Scott walked a bait briskly to entice this one:


It's almost 6:00 now and I've unrigged three rods. Only one left with a T rigged Hula Grub on it. On the fourth last cast I connected:


Our charge in the last inning made for a fine finish on this long, humid day. One last detail: water temp 76º!




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catching some studs there Will!  nice report as usual.

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