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please help 1995 merc 115 trouble starting

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let start from the begining

compression 135,135,135,133

carbs rebuilt 5 months ago at dealership only run about 7  hours over 3 trips.

i have a good battery and i even jumpered two of them together to test starting.

have plenty of water coming out of the prop and weep hole.

i ran it for about 7 to 10 minutes today and the water coming out of the prop was just luke worm

when i turn the key and try to start it it makes one reverlion at a normal speed and then turns over very slowly  until it starts. it sounds like it has a week battery but i know with 2 jumped together on it.

it should really spin. when it starts on the water hose it really puts out a lot of smoke.

it reveses up ok.

but if i kill it and wait a few mimutes it does not want to start. it will still turn over slowly and the cables start to get worm. i turned the key for about 5 to 7 seconds at a time.

if i let it set for a half hour it still turned over slowly but starts.

willing to try anything



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Remember if you hook 2 batterys together they are only as strong as the weakest one so it still could be a shorted cell in your battery.Have it checked or hook the other battery up by itself,If your battery has gotten low on water it could be shorted out, I would be sure of the battery before going any further. The next thing to check would be connections, make sure they are all clean and tight. If you still have the problem I would have the starter checked out by an automotive electric shop, it could be dragging.

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sounds like the starter or bendix something but my 150 merc was having the same symptoms it was the starter but before i had it fixed i shot a little wd 40 on it cause some of the old grease just got dirty and clumpy so it had a hard time turning over ive also heard you can try to pour a little engine oil on it to lubericate it until you repair it   hope this helps

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