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Ray K

Silly question, maybe?

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Every fish finder I've ever had and all that I've seen lately begin the scan on the right side of the screen and move left.  So, the farther left the scan moves, means the boat is moving away from the returns.  So, I'm wondering if it wouldn't be more user friendly if the scan started at the top of the screen with the top being directly under the boat and the symbols moving towards the bottom meaning they are being left behind by boat movement.  What's wrong with my logic?

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If you are talking about a traditional side view image, I believe the unit would have to be turned sideways in order to go from top to bottom on the depthfinder screen (or you would have to tilt your head to read it.  I don't have a down scan depthfinder, but I believe those do go from top of the LCD screen to the bottom (because the depthfinder is giving you a "looking down" image).

However, it would make sense to have the depthfinder on the bow to be mounted to the left (port) side of the front of the boat, so that the right side of the LCD screen is towards the bow.  Then when you turn your head to look at the screen, it will be moving in the same direction as the boat.

As an aside, how long until depth finders don't use a screen and instead project an image off the bow of the boat showing whats under the water (similar to a "heads up" instrument panel in some cars)?

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2D and down looking imaging units scroll the recorded images right to left. They mirror each other. The top of the image is the water's surface and the bottom of the image is the bottom of the body of water. Makes no sense to not have it that way.

Side looking imaging units scroll the recorded images top to bottom

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