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Dual Trolling Motor Batteries

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I have a Tracker Pro 175 with one trolling battery feeding my 12 volt Motor Guide trolling motor.

A friend told me to install a second 12 volt battery in sequence with the existing 12 volt battery to obtain additional hours of trolling.

First, has anyone done this with a 12 volt trolling motor?;

Second, will it give me more trolling hours? and

Third, do you think it will give me more time between recharges?

Any insight is sincerely appreciated.


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Your batteries need to be the same size, type and condition. If one battery is old and week it can shorten the life of the newer one. That can also be a problem when chargeing unless you use and isolator or charge them seperatly otherwise you can run the risk of overchargeing one. I had mine hooked up parallel for a while and finally just went back to alternating between one of two batteries if needed.

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