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Depth Finder which brand not to but or to buy

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Here's a great depthfinder that is inexpensive, dependable, and never needs electronics repair.

Ask someone what the maximum depth of your favorite lake is.

Buy a length of thin nylon cord a few feet greater than maximum lake depth.

Tie overhand knots, exactly one foot apart, in said cord.

Attach 3 oz bell sinker to one end of cord.

Practice counting knots (feet) by feel, as the weight seeks bottom.

Deluxe Model: Dye every fifth knot a different color. Memorize..."Green is 15 feet..." etc.

Now...since you don't want your buds to find your honey holes, don't use one-foot increments. Instead, learn to think in a different scale, let's say...uhhhh..."Gnorbs". Select a measurement per Gnorb, such as 14.43 inches. Tie your knots, one per Gnorb, every 14.43 inches. Remember, only YOU will know the length of a Gnorb!

As you learn Gnorbese, you can take your notes referring to a certain depth and, if another guy sneaks a peek, he'll go bananas trying to convert Gnorbs to feet.

OK, what if some guy insists on asking where you caught that lunker? You simply whisper "Look for a ledge that drops from 12 to 20 Gnorbs." Then say to the amazed angler, "You know, that spot exactly 3.9 FLEENS from the dam."

Tech note: I calculate a Fleen as exactly equal to 4,720 Gnorbs.

Well, gotta go. One of my fishing rivals left his notebook at the bar last night and I'm gonna find out just where he's been nailin' dem basses, IF I can figure out his codes. (Anyone here know how many Gnorbs to a Zerfpop?)


Ward 8, Room 14.43

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