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Mountain Smallies In the Resovoir

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On Sunday, I plan on targeting smallmouth bass in a dammed creek near my house. It is Francis E. Walter Dam. There are very deep spots, the water is semi clear with 4-6 feet of visability (last year) and the bottom is mostly small rocks. along the banks are cliffs and boulders. We are approaching a full moon so I plan on fishing craws. I will use the drop shot, jigs, cranks, jerk baits. Is there any thing i should do to increase my odds of catching smallmouth bass. thanks



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Weird, I thought I responded to this last night... 

I grew up not far from there, but never really fished it. It does hold some pretty sizeable large and smallmouth, but fishing it is tricky.  You need to pay attention to dam levels and draw down.  I believe there's also a 9.9HP restriction on the reservoir, as well.  Good luck, and definitely post your results.  

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So, this topic got posted twice.


dam levels and draw down... So, the dam functions to prevent flooding and to also manage the lower section of the Lehigh River below.  Heavy rain and management of the river below the dam for white water kayaking/rafting and trout fishing have a big impact on the water level of the reservoir itself. The reservoir is known for containing big fish, but finding them is going to be based a lot on the water level at the dam in addition to seasonal patterns.  In addition to the likely fraudulent reports of 10lb largemouth coming from the reservoir, I've heard plenty of credible stories about 8lb largemouth and 6-7lb smallmouth being caught there.  If you can figure it out, it has a reputation as a trophy fishery.  I've just never taken the time to figure it out.

It's also known as an excellent crappie and perch fishery with a good walleye population if you're interested in fishing for dinner. 

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