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Daiwa Tatula Spinning Rod?

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Today, my beloved spinning rod broke. The first guide snapped off after a cast and I'm not real sure what happened. It broke at the bottom of the guide foot right where it's attached to the rod.

I use my spinning setup primarily for finesse stuff. Weightless worms, senkos, shakey heads, ned rig, drop shot, and some small minnow sized rapala cranks that are too light to throw on my BB1.

I've been eyeing up the tatula rods, and while I've come across alot of great stuff on the bait casting tatula rods, not much is mentioned on their spinning rods.

I'm considering the 7' medium action fast tip. I use 15 pound power pro braid with either a 12lb or 8lb red label leader depending on conditions.

Do any of you guys use the tatula rods? What are your thoughts on the rod? Sensitivity? Power? Do they fish heavier than rated?

I'm calling my rod company tomorrow to see if the warranty covers the break or if they have an oops warranty. I've had the rod for 3 years but only fished it twice before this season started. If no warranty I may look into another brand, like the daiwa tatula.


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Wait do not use the "oops warranty" for that.  If all you did is break a guide  find a "local" rod builder. He can strip off the old guide and replace it for a fraction of the "oops warranty".  I do not live in your area, but I do vacation out there. Go give McKee Outdoors LLC a call, they have 2 guys they use for this type of work. They are located in Maryville Tn, about 40 miles south of you.  They can be reached at 865-856-8899  If you have a tackle shop closer give them a call and see if they are hooked up with someone.   I just had my guy Tom, of Tom's Custom Rods, (located here in MD.) strip the entire reel seat and full cork handles off two G Loomis rods, then replace them with new American Tackle Comfort reel seats and a set of Winn Grips.  Each rod only cost $40 to modify.  Those rods feel amazing in my hand now.  Take a look at his website to see the kind of work a talented rod builder can do.  It is at   http://www.tomscustomrods.com/faq/  Click on galleries and look thru each one.  

Now if I did misunderstand you and the rod broke, well that is different, sorry.  The Tatula rods are really nice, but also take a look at the Powell Max3D.  The Tatula has a pretty heavy lure rating (1/8 to 3/4) so it may be on the stiffer side.  Take a look at the Powell Max3D 712 and the 713 rods. Both are 7'1" and are rated as Medium Light 1/8 to 3/8 and Medium 1/8 to 1/2.  I own a Powell Max 683 casting rod which I love.  It does exactly what they say it does, so their ratings were spot on.  If it were me, I would try to  repair mine.  A single guide repair may only cost you $20.  Here is a before and after picture on my reel seat change. By the way we fixed the first one because G Loomis had installed a plastic reel seat that loosened up and I was afraid I would break the plastic lock ring.  The second got modified because the all metal reel seat and hardware no longer felt good in my hand after the first rod was customized. Silly butt true.  One other thing, the Winn Grips (Winn makes golf grips and these are similar) are amazing, light, look good and when wet they get tacky. They just stay in your hand perfectly. Good Luck let us know how it goes.G Loomis IMX seat 2.jpg20160128_111711.jpg

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Wow that grip looks amazing. I love my current rod and hate that it broke. They have a gen2 of my rod but have switched to a full cork grip. I really prefer a split grip. If I end up getting a gen2 I may refer back to this thread to see if your guy can strip the grip and install one of those in a split grip config.

I've been calling all over and can't find anyone locally that carries the tatula so I can get hands on. I do like the specs of the rod and I hate to admit it but the look of the rod is kind of drawing me to it as well. The black with gold trim would match perfectly with my Team Lews gold spinning reel, lol.

I'd just like to hear some personal experience with the tatula spinning rods. Their BC rods get high praise so I'm hoping the spinning rod is of the same quality.


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