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Senko lover

Cool Story on Field and Stream

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Neat idea though I'd stick with a plastic lure in the mouth instead of live bait!  Now we need a major bait manufacturer to make a crankbait with a retractable jaw that you can stick a plastic lure into :D

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Now that's a cool idea. He's an example of someone watching bass behavior and adapting his presentation and lure to match their patterns. 

Now that the secret's out it'll just be a matter of time.....

Spro will make one, it'll be top quality but it'll be $35 and come in only 4 colors

Strike King will make one, probably call it "The Jaws of KVD" or "KVD's Shiner Shredder" (something with KVD) - retails for $11 and debuts at iCast 2017

Booyah will make one, it'll be more budget conscious, but it'll fall apart at the clip hinges after one season and the trailer is made from bits of ripped up Saran Wrap 

Roman Made will make one, by hand for 56 hrs each, made with solid gold clips, hooks made from Valyrian Steel and a trailer made from ripped up bits of the Shroud of Turin and sell it for $6,000 and crank out 27 a year

Haha...I jest, I jest

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