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Joey Battipaglia

What to fish?

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I'm guessing that the rain must've washed lots of sediment into the water, so you'll be focusing on baits that bass can find in muddy water. Bright colors like chartreuse and white, or dark colors like black and brown should work the best. If possible, try to find the clearest water you can find, like where a stream or creek enters the body of water you're gonna fish

I've found that in muddy water, fish tend to stick closer to cover or the bank than normal. I've accidentally spooked huge bass that were sitting in 4 inches of water on the bank.

Chatterbaits, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, topwater, jigs, basically anything with a sizable presence should be your go-to

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 First off, it depends on what the barometer and weather was like a week or so prior to your day on the water, to even start getting a idea as to their activity. (to be technical). There's nothing written in stone on this subject.

 But, "usually" if the skies are clear after a storm front moves thru, the bite will slow down or even shut down. Small finesse baits fished slow, like a ned rig, may be what it takes to get bit.

 If the weather was alike for a long period of time before the front, you "may" have a couple days of good active fishing before the shutdown comes, and your normal "active bite" baits will shine, Sometimes better than one would think. I actually prefer these days as its a good chance to land a boatload of fish, these fish feel the fronts pressure coming and will feed up before the effects set in. 

  If the bite was shutdown before the front, fish might actually turn on bigtime and be caught on anything you can throw at them.

 So, to sum your question up, it depends,....

 Keep in mind, any day is a good day for a chance at a monster bass. They "seem" to be immune to the weathers effects on bass,.. Why? im not sure, could be they are used to the weathers effects, positioning themselves for the best opportunity to feed, couple that with the prey will be effected with slower metabolism (due to said front),...could be,,. not much phases them anymore period,...again, im not sure

 Typically, I'd start my day as usual and if after a hour or so I havent got a bite I'll switch over to a finesse presentation and feel out their activity from there. I start with a jighead and small grub.,... then progress to even slower, less active lures on said jighead like a 4" straight tail worm,,  then cut an inch off that worm, and so on.,.. until i finally get a bite

 I actually was faced with this same situation 2 days ago. It was my first time out in several months and I was just glad to be out on the water. I didnt follow my usual train of thought (that I just typed out) and was schooled by a ned rig. Derek kicked my butt landing several fish for the day and I with 1 small crappie. Went home with not much more than piece of mind, a sunburn, and a lesson on ned rigs.,... Not, that i didnt learn about the old do nothing worm 30 years ago, with the ned rig being "kinda" much the same. (yes,..I will still be getting some) Just my concentration was directed more to the fact of, I wasnt bedridden, in pain, wishin I was fishin anymore. I know ,...excuses, excuses, Blah, blah, blah,..lol

 Congrats to Derek, Im glad someone was catching fish. And appreciate the help to get me on the water. Thank you, and your welcome on my boat anytime.

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