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A couple of months ago I made the decision to change my fishing rods and reels to Daiwa after using Fenwick rods and Abu Garcia reels for years. 

I was gifted with a Tatula 100HSL 7.3:1 baitcaster for Christmas and have since paired it with a 6'6" MXF Lexa rod which comes with a very short butt section, a real plus when it comes to helping my lures walk the dog.  The combo has become my dedicated topwater setup and lets me throw large baits a pretty hefty distance which is great for water coverage.

I love jerkbait fishing and have also purchased a Tatula 7' MF spinning rod and matched it with an Exceler 2000SH spinning reel.  Up until yesterday I didn't have a chance to use it but they were on a jerk bait pattern yesterday big time and the rod and reel proved their mettle, easily handling fish up to just under 5lbs.  The drag system is smooth and the rod had plenty of backbone to drive those hooks home.

My next purchases are going to include a Procyon 2500SH which is going to replace the Exceler 2000SH on the above combo.  I'm also going to pick up the Tatula 7'1" MLXF spinning rod and am going to pair it with the Exceler 2000SH to throw lighter lures with, such as inline spinners and smaller jerkbaits and crankbaits up to 5/16oz.  My final combo will be a Daiwa S 6'6" w/ a glass tip which I'm going to match with a Tatula CT 6.3:1 to throw both light crankbaits and spinnerbaits on.

I'm excited about the products and quite happy with the changes I've made in my gear and can't wait to see how the next purchases perform when I get a chance to use them.

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Boy I agree with the combos you have gone to. My normal arsenal includes three G Loomis spinning rods one Okuma spinning rod and 12 baitcasters. Last year i bought my first Diawa Type R baitcasting reel in a 8-1 ratio for frogging. Then I re-purposed a BPS Extreme reel and picked up a standard Tatula in 6.3-1 LH.  Now I have sold off a bunch of BPS Extremes and own 5 Tatula R and Tatulas. I also have one Exceller ( caught it on sale for $60 at Gander MTN), These reels got a work out on vacation on Dale Hollow Lake this April. The average smallmouth we caught was 5 pounds.  We hit the lake just right they spawned real fast on the first real good hot week and we hit the big females just recuperating and feeding hard on main lake structure.  I never had a moments trouble out of my gear.

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