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I have a quantum Kevin van dam signature series baitcasting pole it's green 6'6" it say spinnerbait on the pole, I broke it coming back from a fishing trip so I would like to find the same pole because I don't want to spend to much on a new pole until I have the money for a dobyns. Please help me find the same pole

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To make sure you get the same rod, there should be some other numbers and information on the old rod so you can match it up. Is it a medium, or medium heavy rod. What size lures does it recommended? What size line does it say to use? It might also say what kind of graphite or fiberglass was it made from? IM7 graphite maybe or something like that?  The length and color alone are not enough to make sure you get the same rod. 

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If you google the model and name of the rod you might find someone who has it for sale. Looks to me like it has been discontinued. 

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If you want to live up to your nickname please use the proper bass fishing jargon.

It is not a "pole." It is a "rod."

Please introduce yourself in the Introductions Section and add where you live to your avatar so we can give you better input.

As for replacing your broken rod, do as Scott suggests so you can locate the same rod on eBay or in the swap and for sale section of this Forum.

You can also send the broken rod to Delaware Tackle if you call them first and find out if they can repair it by putting a graphite rod into the damaged area and then sealing it with high quality black tape. You can get the "tubes" at Fed-X or UPS for shipping.

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A post from back in 2001 about the rod you are seeking.

Doesn't look too good for you to find one to replace it.

I had an old Quantum that was so old that Quantum had no idea it existed.

Finally destroyed it after having a graphite shaft put in it and screwing the baitcaster to the reel seat.

Loved that rod but it finally gave up the ghost.

Here is what was posted before you were born.


VanDam Signature Series Rods
from Johnny B Goode
11/10/2001 1:25:00 PM



 I've been fishing a VanDam Signature Series spinnerbait rod, KVC66SB, that I really like. Works well with a 1/2 oz double willow spinnerbait. Last weekend, I kicked it over the the side and watched it sink in 20 feet of water. Since I'm going to have to buy a new one, I thought I'd ask what everyone thinks of this rod and Kevin's Signature Rod line in general.

I've been thinking of picking up his CA rig rod too. What do you guys think?

Btw, I usually fish St Croix Premier, PS66MFs, for my spinning rods.


Johnny B Goode

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I have a brand new Tour KVD Signature Series 6'6" MH ....it doesn't say "spinner bait" on it though. My Ma-n-law gave it to me for father's day and I didn't have the heart to tell her I was looking for a flipping stick. Not sure if this is what you're looking for? still has tags and plastic on grip

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