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alright, been away from fishing for a little while. finally back at it... have a kayak and have been fishing Joachim creek here in MO, near Herculaneum access. I have not had a lot of time to fish, but have been out 3 - 4 times now... only about 1 - 3 hours each time.... and each time not getting beyond the hwy 55 bridge (slowly fishing my way up the creek)  yesterday as I was out the &*%^&*^$*& asian carp nearly took my head off. no exaggeration there had to be 500 - 1000 of them milling about. everytime I made a move they all went nuts... (this was near where sandy creek enters Joachim)  my question is... are there still any bass there? I've caugfht one in all my trips there, fishing rubber worms, buzz baits, spinners,  every size and shape.  I suspect the stinking asain carp have done a number on the bass and other game fish in the area.  


I am not looking for hotspots, but if you fish this creek is it just me, or is there bass here? and I am talking about this general area. I know they're way further upstream, but this is closer to my home.   if I am able I am going out for a couple hours tomorrow morning as well... I work nights so wont have a lot of time to spend. is it presured a lot and I am using the wrong equipment? I am throwing the wrong thing? or have the carp basically killed everything off in that area of the creek...


a few years ago I floated up to horine in my bass boat and only caught 3... and those were all right near the horine bridge. I attributed that to high water (which is the only reason my boat went back that far).... but now I am not so sure!

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