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iCast 2016 Shimano Metanium MGL

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So I have been watching some videos on the new upcoming products from iCast, and I seen the (US version?) Shimano Metanium MGL.

Now I have seen this real before but it was only on the JDM.

I've seen the JDM version over $100 cheaper!

So my question is, is there a difference between the two? (US vs JDM)

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Usdm version has a slightly deeper spool and has a little more line capacity.  It also has a US warranty.   The weaker yen makes the jdm version cheaper.

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1 hour ago, DeadPoint said:

Would anyone recommend one other the other?

So the JDM Met MGL outcasted a 13 Met and Met DC with all baits except one that was over 1.25 ounces in a Video that was posted on YouTube using a line counter. The reel outdistanced the other 2 between 5-15% with all baits but the heaviest bait used to test.

 The US version has a deeper spool so the spool will obviously weigh more than the JDM MGL. The only drawback I could see with the US version would be it may not be as great with lighter baits. I believe you are talking about a 100 sized spool vs a 150 sized spool. Sort of like a 2500 sized spinning reel vs a 3000 sized reel. Same size frame just a different sized spool.

Frankly, I would not spend the extra $100 for the US version and the warranty. I can spool plenty of 12# line on my JDM MGL.

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I have the jdm version spooled with 12lb sniper on my senko rod.  I don't really need more line capacity.   If I was using 20lb then maybe I'd want more capacity.  I'm happy saving $100. 

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