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Good article on a Great Summer Technique

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Summer Bass fishing can be tough, and weeds can make it even more frustrating at times. I just found this article and the next time soft baits and texas rigs, Swim jigs, Topwaters and Frogs are not producing....Try a few casts both waking and barely moving the lure. When this works, it really works, and some days you need to just commit to using it all day hoping for 5 Good Strikes and if you know an area holds fish that tend to school at a certain time, any one of these lures will flush them out, I think it often works so well on Lakes like Toho because the fish get pounded in the same spots with the same soft baits....


Also remember, most 10lb test mono line is usually more like #15 these days or heavier, but many guys use 40-50lb braid for this technique even with Balsa since it is thin. I use 17lb XT as a standard for waking but I will also go as light as 4 and as heavy as 25. I don't really like braid with topwater lures except Frogs on Mats, I feel it is not only visible and fish will follow and come from far distances, but braid is loud if it rubs against weeds. Or if it is windy etc...Mono also gives me confidence with treble hooks and getting fish to the boat.

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