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Good Morning on the Water

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Got out for a few hours this morning to a lake I fished and did fairly well in 2014. I ended up having a good morning on the water. Got to the lake just before 5:00 AM, right before the sun was coming up. 
unnamed (4).jpg
unnamed (2).jpg


I caught two bass within the first couple minutes, and had a couple boils at the Pop Max. The lake seemed very active right from the beginning. After the sun came up and as we worked our way down the shoreline, several missed frog blow-ups finally resulted in a hook-up. Got this girl on a Booyah Pad Crasher Jr.
unnamed (10).jpg
unnamed (1).jpg


I had a couple more violent frog blow-ups but no hook-ups before the frog action stopped completely, as the sun was getting higher in the sky. We stopped the froggin' but it didn't take long to find more fish. I got a few more decent LMBs skipping docks with wacky senkos.


Had a loon following the boat around for part of the morning. He would pop up a couple dozen yards from the boat, and dive back down only to reappear 20 minutes later right near us at a new spot.
unnamed (5).jpg


We started heading in as the action slowed and the sun started getting hot. A couple hundred yards before the boat launch we stopped at a spot we had tried earlier in the morning with no bites. Its a downed tree with lots of limbs and branches on a steep drop off. The end of the tree lies in about 18' of water. Its a good looking spot, but after spending a good amount of time on it a couple hours earlier with nothing, I wasn't too hopeful, but really wanted to end the day with a fish. A few minutes went by throwing to this tree with nothing again. Just as we were getting ready to quit, I pitched a Texas-rigged junebug colored baby Brush Hog to where I thought the end of the tree would lie. I let the bait fall and I could feel the tungsten weight banging off the tree limbs. I knocked the bullet weight several times into the tree, and as I started to reel up I felt an unmistakable "thump". I set the hook, and after a short but determined battle, I boated the biggest fish of the day, just a few ounces heavier than the Pad Crasher fish.
unnamed (6).jpg
unnamed (9).jpg


It was a good morning, perfect weather and we caught fish all day. I would have liked to stay longer but by the time the sun was high, we were hot, sunburned and tired, and the pleasure boaters had started to show themselves. Definitely a fan of this lake and I will be fishing it again soon. 




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