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KVD clinched 2017 Classic berth with Niagara win?

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I searched a bit, but don't have time to do more digging.

I read that KVD gets a Classic berth with his win this past weekend on Niagara.  

Why didn't any of his prior wins this year qualify him for the Classic in 2017?

An answer or link to an article would with the answers are both fine.


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B.A.S.S. eliminated the "win and you're in" Classic spot from most events a couple years ago, largely at the request of the Elite contestants. However, the Niagara R. bracket event was a special format tournament, and a Classic berth was part of the winners package, along with a considerably lower cash payout.


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Thanks.  Other than the Niagara River event, how do anglers qualify for the classic now?  Points?

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9 get in from BASS Open wins (the angler has to fish all 3 events in the series to claim the spot though)

6 get in from the Federation

1 from the College Championship

1 from the Team Championship

1 from last year's Classic champion

1 from BassFest Champion

1 from the Classic Bracket

The other 30ish spots are filled from the Elite Series AOY standings.  If any anglers are double qualified the AOY qualification gets bumped down a spot.  Same thing happens if any of the Open winners don't go becasue they didn't fish the whole series.  

Might not be exactly right, but it's at least close.


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