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Jason Thompson

About to make my first purchase but need help

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Hello there, I'm about to have a Tracker Pro 175 TXW ordered but with a Mercury 9.9 Outboard ProKicker on it due to my local lakes having HP restrictions.

Although I've been highly frightened it seems that the engine they offer in this size is not usable via the console and steering wheel. It seems to me it won't be centered on the boat but instead placed to the right of where a larger HP motor would be..

I was hoping it'd be center mounted and usable with the boats steering wheel, but an I wrong ? I sure hope not, if you'd happen to have any sure evidence or knowledge about it, let me know.

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If I understand you correctly, you only want the boat to have the 9.9 engine on it so you comply with the local lake restrictions. Here in Maryland I set up a boat just like that for a lake with a 20 hp restriction.  No problem, go to this Mercury website. https://www.mercurymarine.com/en/us/engines/outboard/compare/?e[]=313 

Notice the 9.9 hp motor shows tiller and remote steering available.  You tell the dealer you want a 9.9 hp remote engine. You also want this T&H Marine CMC brand trim/tilt plate called a PT-35. Bass Pro I know sells these plates, that is where I got mine.  http://www.basspro.com/CMC-PT35-Tilt-and-Trim/product/16087

You want it electrically hooked up to the wiring that would have fed the trim/ tilt system on a bigger engine.  The trim switch in the throttle will now operate the trim on the plate.  It can and will be done, it was done on mine.  The tilt plate is necessary because you will be under powered and it will allow you to get a little more speed out of it.  The engines with less than 30 hp usually need trim  but do not come with it . Out here we have a bunch of drinking reservoirs that are electric only lakes. We have guys using Torqeedo and Ray electric outboards and they have boats like the one you want. Yes they have their engines hooked up with remote steering( remote steering means hooked up to your steering wheel on your console).  With this engine they will install it centered just like any other engine. In fact it will be easier for them using the plate.  My 17.5 foot Lowe Stinger 70 weighed 1000 pounds for just the hull. I played with props and added a stingray jr hydrofoil and that setup did 17 mph using my 25 hp motor (decaled up to say 20). I fished it on that lake and several big Tennessee lakes.




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