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Weights so hard they won't crimp

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Anyone ever used these weights? -- http://www.basspro.com/Bass-Pro-Shops-XPS-Hook-Weights/product/10201093/

I actually bought these for adding weight to a catfishing line. My gosh, I don't think King Kong could crimp these. What's going on, anyone find them uber hard?

These are weights shaped like a cylinder with rounded edges, and there is a slot the full length of the weight. It's marketed to slip it over a hook and then crimp in but I was just going to use them to slip over the line and crimp it when I want to add weight. I mean, sheesh, these must be made of steel, not lead!

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There are 2 reason they won't crimp, the first is a slightly harder lead and the second is the design. If you look at regular weights to crimp on a line, the two sides come together in a "V" but the weights you have are more of a "U" shape, it is that way so the shaft of the hook sits flush, the weights aren't designed to be crimped shut on a line, they are designed specifically for hooks.

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smalljaw pretty much explained it. best to either retie and put on a bigger weight itself or just use split shots...

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