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Sand Hollow - 8/10/2016

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Brother and I went fishing again today - this time we went to Sand Hollow Campsite in the AEP ReCreation Lands. It's a long and narrow lake with extremely clear water. The site we picked had a little trail down the embankment to a spot on the shore just big enough for both of our chairs - but it made casting a bit of a pain.

Second cast of the day, FWING!!! I hear that sound as I watch my lure fly off about 65ft away.


But, lucky me - couple of ladies in kayaks came paddling by shortly after. One of 'em grabbed my lure for me. When she got closer, she remarked there's supposed to be a fish on the end of it. I told her there's supposed to be a knot on the other. lol So, thanks to them I still haven't lost a lure!

That said, we couldn't get anything to bite today. We got there just before noon and left a little after 4. None of the cranks were working at any depth and I couldn't get any hits on the spinner either.

We saw a bunch of smaller fish who were very interested in our lures. They'd be about 20ft out and follow it in, eventually we had a group of about 10 of them just kinda suspended. I think they were trying to school with the lures - but their bigger counterparts weren't interested at all.

Best we got was my brother got a bite on the shallow crank. In the excitement and shouting at me, "I GOT ONE!" he forgot to set the hook and when it jumped, it threw the hook. I laughed and he was ticked. That was the sum total of the action we got in the 4 hours we were there.

Here's an album of pics we took of our spot and the ******* fish. lol


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