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AEP Trip 8/23/2016

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Using the advice from folks on the forum, and to get a water sample of a lake for my Environmental Biology class, my brother and I went back to one of the AEP lakes and did some evening fishing.

The idea was to use a bit of a jerry-rigged drop-shot, with the SpiderWire Flouro 8lb I got on sale a few weeks ago, technique to try and entice the bass that are either down deep or not there.

I don't have any drop-shot weights, so I used split-shot that I have and clamped one on the end of the line.  I then used about 8" of line and tied on my hook.  We were using #3/0 Gamakatsu barbed hooks and Venom Lures watermelon colored worms. 

Initially I rigged it with the hook through the nose to see if that would work.  Cast decently, but no bites for either myself or my brother.  We were dredging up some significant plant matter, so I cut the line and re-tied the hook with about a 12" leader and this time wacky-rigged the worm.

On my first cast, I managed to snag my second ever LMB!

Unfortunately, my brother wasn't quite Johnny-on-the-spot with the camera this time, so they aren't as clear as last time.



I cast it out about 50ft and let it sink.  I then reeled in the slack and kept my rod relatively horizontal.  I then just lightly twitched the rod.  After about 20 seconds or so, I'd reel it in a bit and repeat the process.  Eventually, that fish decided to bite!

My brother on the other hand, had another near-catch.  He was reeling in the same rig I had used and just as it was coming to the surface, it kicked free and got away.  He's not entirely sure if he reeled it up and it got away from not setting or if it made a mad-dash grab after following it while he was reeling in.  Either way, he was pretty upset that this is the second fish he's hooked that managed to get away - can't say I don't blame him, I'd be pretty upset too.

So for now, it appears that my jerry-rigged drop shot with a Venom work and wacky-rigged is what we'll be using for a while.

Thanks again to everyone who helped out with suggestions and advice - this catch is just as much yours as it is mine!  :)

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