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The "BEST" ,... literally

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 I searched for a thread like this, and didnt find one. ,,,,,so here goes. 

Twenty years ago I joined a club, with the idea that I was on my way to fame and fortune as a basspro. Fishing the bassmasters classic the hard way like Bryan Kerchal did, may he R.I.P. Those plans were quite controversially robbed from me, but I digress,.... It was a draw club, and "unbeknownest to me" the clubs president was well known, and quite controversial. He had been fishing New England tournies for many years, had his own radio show about fishing.  He actually had a post on a NE site, called "the best ballarina" and it was about the same subject I have here for you all. I see you all as a broader, more experienced, and unbiased audience, and respect your thoughts and opinions a heck of alot more than the creeps that slit my throat,.ooops,.. again I digress..

  I know some clubs are a team format, and have never fished a team format on a club level. Begging these questions,. with a intriguing conclusion.

1) If you fish club T's,  what format club do you fish? team or draw,... and why? by choice or thats all there is?

2) if you fish state level T's, what format are they,.. and why,.. choice or forced ?

3) Which is utilized on the elite series? ,.....(I havent seen even one B.A.S.S. tourney on tv in years)

4) do you think draw format or team format produces better anglers? and why?

I know its asking alot of you, but please just take this one question at a time, it does lead somewhere surprisingly informative, and intriguing. This could be very interesting.

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