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Josh Smith

There's Bass In There...

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I finally got time to hike out to this pond today.  I took a rod with a frog tied -- my son was with me and the primary purpose of the trip was a short hike, and to teach him something about tracking, maybe a couple other things.  I introduced him to cattails, too; a good food source.

I tried a few casts and caught this little critter:

There's bass in there.jpg


Not huge by any means, 10" to 12".  Scrappy though.  I'll have to go back out there when I have more time.

Being a holiday weekend, all the usual places were crammed full.  This place, however, had some kids fishing, maybe 10, 12, 14 -- someplace in there -- and they obviously hiked in.  They caught a few, but I didn't nose too close to see what.  They were respecting the distance between us, I did the same, and they were catching and releasing to boot.

If it's only a group of young teens and me on a holiday weekend, I might have a new favorite fishing hole if there's anything of size in there.

I have other ponds and small lakes to explore, but I'm curious about this one now.  It's obviously not pressured much and deep enough so that it doesn't freeze solid.  Should be interesting.



P.S.  That's the first pic of yours truly I've put up on here, and one of the few on the internet.  I hate cameras.  J.S.

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About the same size as the only two I've caught.  :D

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