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Pond Fishing Today

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Went to a private pond today that I had fished earlier this summer. The landowner was correct when he said the pond was low and full of algae and weeds. It also had lots of pond scum on top with very few holes to try and get anything through. Fished a Strike King worm, various frogs on top, one of which eventually became a tree frog if you know what I mean. Finally put a rubber crawfish back on and tried to find any openings at all. I had it Texas rigged but still caught everything on the retrieve. But I kept at it as I know this pond is full of bass as I have caught some nice ones in the past. Worked on them for nearly two hours with only a bite and one of the claws was missing. Still, I kept at it because I am persistent and don't give up easily. I was down to my final casts before I had to go because of other commitments and then this 16 1/2 inch largemouth took the crawdad, finally! Persistence and lots of luck today.



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good work. Persistence especially pays off when you work extra hard and make that last cast take 30 more minutes! Not that i know anything about that. :P

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