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Heddon Torpedo Hook Replacement

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Okay, I just got a couple of the Heddon Baby Torpedo's and everyone says to replace the hooks immediately because they're junk so i bought some of the red Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp 3X treble hooks size 4 to replace them, I also decided to add split rings instead of use that stock setup they come with. I went with some Eagle Claw size 4 split rings...are these the proper size/strength to go with the size 4 hooks? I didn't have much of a choice at Walmart as they only had two sizes of split rings in stock, size 4 and size 3 and I figured size 3 was to small and flimsy looking so i went with the size 4.

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As long as the hooks do not interfere or tangle with the blade on back, or the line on every cast, or the hooks tangle then you should be fine. I know they make 3 sizes and I think I use a #3 on the standard, and hooks are usually 3x Strong Excalibur TX3 which I have always liked but I am not sure what the newer ones come with. I like the Torpedo and use them often, but I have had the same one's for a long time, 

I would think the action would be the same with the hooks and rings you are using as long as you do not have to fix tangles every few casts. If you do get hooks tangling the line, each other, or lure is not working right then I would probably go to the heddon Website on Pradco and see what size Trebles they stock them with and then match the size and use a smaller #2 or #3 ring which should be fine. The Torpedo is marketed toward saltwater and Freshwater on the packages of the one's I see down here in Florida so they have heavy hooks which I also change out on the smaller one's since they are too thick for light line imo.

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The stock hooks are size 4 which is the same size as the replacement hooks I bought.

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