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Looking For a good depthfinder to add to my kayak arsenal!

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Ive just recently gotten really into bass fishing! so me and my dad have gotten 8 foot sun dolphins just as entry yaks to see how we like the whole thing! turns out its a freaking blast!!! I now think about fishing all day EVERYDAY! I am a fishing zombie and just really want to expand my knowledge with a good graph. I have another kiddo on the way so I don't have a huge budget but im looking for the most features and advanced graph for a moderate price! and durability is also a must because im throwing these things around when were getting loaded up quite a bit. I know I have to be careful just thought id add it in here. Thanks to all for the help! I wanna know everyones favorite graph.

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IF the imaging technology is within your budget, that is a good way to learn "what is down there".

Look through the posted screen shots above and see what technology you would like.

You can get pretty much color display, imaging, 2D sonar, temp. plus GPS for under $500. The less the display size and the less the technology, the lower the cost.

$120 would get you depth, temp, and 2D sonar.

This is 2D sonar showing what a creek channel looks like when crossed perpendicular:






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