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Cap't Ken's Frog & Banjo Frog- same guy? Same hooking system/shape.

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I had a bunch of Banjo Frogs which were under a different label, I believe it was the Kropto Relax label which is a bait sold in Europe made in America. I always found it odd that the Capt.Kens Clone frog used the same hook in nose, legs and I always did well on those toads. 

Is the creator the same guy? If so, Good for him. People love those frogs, I guess they are more durable than the Banjo Frogs, I think Netbait has one as well...Same thing right?

Never mind, I just found the answer..he is the Lucky creator of the still top selling Banjo Minnow/Frog...That is called "MARGIN" hard to find info of the link between the 2. No disrespect intended,I have always maintained he started Nose Hooking and Banjo Minnow was the start of segmented swimbaits. The toads are legit 100% & priced great.

Capt Ken has been featured on several outdoor TV fishing shows, including the International Award winning TV Infomercial "The Banjo Minnow" as an inventor of the product, and Conway Bowman's "Dollar Wise Fly" where the fly rod version of the FROGs first appeared on TV. The viewer response to a few seconds of video on the Show convinced Capt. Ken to begin making the FROGs for sale to the public.


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