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Travis Gasper

My first Hula Popper

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Today I decided to buy a Hula Popper. Not really sure why, just an impulse buy I suppose. I know these have been around forever and are reliable. Anyways, I was just wondering if the hooks are good or do people prefer to swap them out with something else? With the water cooling down, I'm excited to toss it around this weekend. 


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I swapped hooks out with split rings. But does have tendency to tangle up.

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If it has the Excalibur TX3 Treble Hooks those are good hooks, I know that Pradco has changed hooks many times, but I think the reason many people think the hooks "Suck" is because they are made based on the line that gives the lure the best action.

My favorite example is a Rebel Pop'r. Yes, the hooks are thin and will bend, but the lure is designed for lighter line, but if the hooks have the bends where they look twisted, those are good hooks. I am not sure about the Hula Popper. I sharpen hooks and just keep my drag set properly, I have never had issues with Pop'r hooks but mine are usually older versions from 10-20 years ago...The one's made in China do come with some really cheap hooks that I have seen at Walmart, all Pradco lures except Saltwater versions.

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