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Vermont Fall Baits

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So what are the best Fall baits in Vermont? I live there but this is really only my second season semi-seriously bass fishing so i don't have a whole lot of experience. I'm sure geographical location does play a factor and the colors/types of bait that work best up here in the Fall wouldn't necessarily work all that great down in Florida. I'm thinking for color the standard light/dark/forage and for types jerkbaits, top water, frogs, spinner baits, shallow cranks...what else?

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I throw a lot of jigs in the fall, especially as the vegetation starts to die off from the colder weather. I also like to burn spinnerbaits just under the surface if there's any chop to the water at all. This is also good in the dying pads as weather cools.

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S'up, my VT neighbor?

I'm the wrong person to ask about color... I've come to the conclusion that I can do everything I could ever want with 2 soft plastic colors - black & blue and green pumpkin.  I will occasionally buy craw-type baits in some orange/brown color or grab some silver to mimic smelt.  But, I'm predominantly fishing two colors.  They seem to work well in all water clarities (though I think black is better in cloudy water).

If you're talking hard baits, I get something that looks like a 'gill or perch, typically.

For techniques, I also fish a lot of jigs.  I'll also still pitch weightless/texas worms or other creatures - I just feel free to work them faster than I do in the summer.  I personally haven't had a lot of success with moving baits, but I typically hear other anglers talking a lot about spinners and swimbaits.

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Black jig.

Jerkbait (pointer 110, 98, slender pointer) chartreuse shad, ghost minnow, perch

Bone Super Spook

Duo Realis spin bait 80 in ghosminnow or Komichi Wagasaki

Keitech Swing Impact 4.8 with 1/4oz swimbait hook or Jighead.  Pro Staff Special, Silver Flash, chartreuse and blue.

Carolina Rig zoom ultravibe speed craw.  GP magic, watermelon magic, GP blue flash.

Drop shot anything 3" in a green pumpkin 

White spinner bait

Black and blue chatterbait with black Swimbait.

Ikas or senkos in the usual colors.


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