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Daiwa Tatula Spinning Rods

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Thinking about snagging a tatula spinning rod since i like my 6'10" MHF casting rod so much, and i'm talking about the original tatula, not the XT.  looking for something to toss the lighter baits, but don't want to spend a fortune on anything since it will likely be used less than most of my other rods.  i'm looking to toss shaky heads, drop shot (rarely), ned rig, maybe weightless finesse worms wacky rigged.  right now i'm looking at maybe the 6'11" ML/XF or the 7'1" MF.  want it to be good for those baits mentioned, but i don't want something too whippy like a wet noodle either!  i'll be pairing it up with a daiwa procyon 2000 spinning reel.  

i'm not dead set on the tatula either right now, but i know i like my casting rod so i'm thinking it would fit the bill.  both would probably end up running me right at $110 so that works for me.  anyone with any experience to share about the tatula spinning rods would be much appreciated!

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I own the 701mfs and I love it.  When I bought my first Tatula rod,  I was so impressed that I bought 3 more.  They are my most used rods.  They are comparable to rods that cost more than double the price of this rod.  I own a few St. Croix mojo bass rods,  a St. Croix Avid and an Abu Garcia veritas. I would recommend the Tatula over all of them except maybe the Avid and they are so close it would be hard for me to declare a winner.  I am talking about the original Tatulas, I have no experience with the XT. Given this is just my opinion but the Tatulas are my go to rods and the ones I use the most. 

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