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Abu Garcia Venerate

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Has anyone seen or used these rods? They look great for the price. 36 ton blanks, titanium guides with zirconium inserts, and full cork handles. That's right, full cork on an abu rod. The series is mostly spinning rods, but there is a 7'6" med casting that might make a good finesse football and tube jig rod for deeper small is that would fit well into my lineup and also a 6'3" ml spinning rod that I'd use for an all around light tackle rod while wading creeks and rivers for trout, walleye, and smallmouth, and for fishing overgrown ponds. The rods are labeled as walleye rods with a very light, responsive tip and fast or extra fast actions. 

I'm wondering how true these rods are to ratings and if they actually have a soft tip. Most abu rods I have fished are at least a power heavier than rated. I need the ml to fish like a ml and actually load and cast the baits it's rated for (down to 1/16oz), or at least cast 1/8 total weight well since I have an ultralight for really small stuff. If anyone has used, or even just felt these rods in the store, any opinions would definitely be appreciated.

I have Fenwick aetos 6'3" med and my spinning rods and an elite tech smallmouth 6'3" med already. I am trying to find a rod that will throw the same weights as the smallmouth rod, which fishes more like a ml. It doesn't load well with 1/16, but can sling 1/8 oz total. I don't like using it in streams and ponds though because I'm scared of breaking it and getting it muddy. If anyone has used these and could compare that would be even better

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