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To start thank you for reading and sorry if this is in the wrong forum. Okay so I'm really trying to get into bass fishing but I have colaught one good bass and a ton of little ones, which is fine I just like doing it. But my problem is that I literally have only caught bass in one pond. I've tried local lakes from the shore and with my job boat but I never catch anything and never see anyone else fish for or catch bass. I'm almost convinced they arnt around here. So if there is anyone in the area that could offer advice or some places to try that would be great. I've been to a lot of locations multiple times for 8 hour days and have yet to catch a bass outside of one pond. Thank you all.

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Check this link it may help a little...   http://bluegrasspreps.com/the-great-outdoors/where-are-the-3759.html

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Ohio River Bass Hotspots    I tournament fish these areas two time a year. The section of the Ohio River that borders Kentucky contains many excellent tailwater areas. Beginning within the vicinity of Ashland, the Greenup, Meldahl and Markland pools of the state’s northern border provide superb largemouth bass fishing for those anglers who search out these highly productive tailwater regions.

Read more: http://www.gameandfishmag.com/fishing/fishing_bass-fishing_ky_0509_02/#ixzz4MLrZxx7y

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4 hours ago, chadmack282 said:

what lakes have u fished?

Big bone, aj jolly, camp Ernst, a bunch of neighbor hood ponds. I have a d**n john boat with a trolling motor. But I think after trying to make a list the problem is that I just need to try more places. So this comment proved to be helpful lol. 

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