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JM Signature Casting Rod

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As a bass fisherman who has slowly "moved up" in quality equipment in recent years I feel the need to comment on a moderately priced bottom-contact rod that I used throughout this past spring and summer - a 7'2" MH fast action Johnny Morris Signature.  I love my heavy and mag heavy Dobyns Champion Extremes (744 & 745) for bottom contact baits but I have to say that for slightly lighter jig/worm applications (3/8 oz & under) the Bass Pro Shops rod is light, well-balanced, sensitive and well constructed.  It might vary from store to store but in my area BPS's replacement policy has been more than fair.  I just wanted to put in a plug for a rod that is rarely mentioned but, at least for me, has proven to be outstanding.

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I own one and it the lightest and most balanced rod I own. The hook keeper came off the blank on mine which I thought sucked. Otherwise I love it 

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Poolshark - not a bad thing.  If there was one change I would make in this rod would be to change the hook protector.  My line occasionally gets hung up on my hook protector.  That said, it is a very nice rod.

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