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Fred, repost in the geographical area that includes Kentucky for best results.

Hope you will continue on the Forum as opposed to being one of the many "one and done."

Introduce yourself in the Introductions section so we will know your level of bass fishing.

And please add your physical location to your avatar so we can give you more precise input.

Welcome to the Forum.

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Kentucky Lake-North (Kentucky Dam to KY/TN Line) Fishing Map

SKU: L120- Price: $11.45
1 of a 2 Map Set
Recognized as one of the nation's top largemouth and crappie fisheries, Kentucky Lake is the western boundary of the 270-square mile Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area
Featured Species: Largemouth Bass, Channel Catfish, White Crappie, White Bass, Bluegill, Buffalo, Carp and Catfish

Kentucky Lake-Central (Blood River to Big Sandy - TN/KY) Fishing Map

SKU: L121- $11.45
2 of a 2 Map Set
I have used these maps for many years and in my opinion they are very good "Fishing Maps". They have marked Fishing Areas, Lake Information, Hot Tips, More Detail, and are a great value. They also sell "Fishing Maps" maps for Lake Barkley North and Lake Barkley South. Check them out, you will be impressed.

Fall Patterns

Like spring, early fall is a transition time for Largemouth Bass. The fish move from deep water summer patterns on the main lake to the shallow water fall patterns in the creeks and bays. This transition is predicated by the migration of the shad from the deep water areas of summer to the shallow water areas as the water cools.



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Kentucky Lake vs. Barkley Lake:
One must realize that these are two different lakes fed by two different river systems. There are enough variables that many times the fish can be biting on one lake and not the other, depending on water and weather conditions.
An example of this would be that during the summer on any given day they are pulling water on Barkley and not on Kentucky Lake. Obviously the ledge fishing would be better on Barkley that day or during that period. A lack of current during the spring, fall and winter may affect the fishing.

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