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South Georgia Winter Bass Fishing

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Hello anglers,

I live in Southwest Georgia and our winters don't get that cold. Usually we have very sunny days with temperatures in the high 50s or low 60s. I know that bass naturally slow down during the winter, but will the fishing be good in a 25 acre lake with these kinds of temperature? The reason I said 25 acres is because I know smaller lake water temperatures can change quicker than larger bodies of water.

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They still gotta eat. Idk how good it will be just fish slow and you will find out

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I fished a lipless crankbait most of last winter in southeastern middle Georgia and caught pretty good numbers of fish.  Last winter, the water was high and muddy, and the sound and flash of a lipless crank was the ticket.  I mostly used Cotton Cordell Super Spots and Rat-L-Traps.  I never got around to the Red Eye Shad, but I'll try it this winter.  I also had good luck on 3''-4'' soft plastic swimbaits with a straight retrieve before the water got too muddy.  As the water cleared going into spring, a weightless Zoom Super Fluke was the ticket.


P.S. Most of my fishing last winter was done in a 3-5 acre pond because of time constraints.

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