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The One That Got Away

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I had one of the craziest fishing incidents that I've ever experienced happen to me today. My friend and I decided to just paddle a long ways and explore the river, but we trolled shad raps along the way in hopes of picking up a fish or two.

I was trolling a #7 shad rap on a revo s spooled with 12lb fluoro (this is important) when a fish absolutely slammed the bait. My rod was doubled over and I quickly realized that I hadn't re adjusted my drag from when I was throwing a chatterbait, I'm surprised the fish didn't break me off right then and there. I quickly grabbed the rod and hit free spool and started thumbing some line out, but the fish made a crazy run and bird nested the reel beyond the point of no return. I paddled towards the fish to try and buy some time, but a few futile attempts at undoing the backlash made me realize I was going to have to find another way to land the fish. I paddled a couple more strokes towards the fish who was still very ticked off, grabbed my jig rod, and cut the jig off. I cut the 12lb fluoro at the reel and after I got it through the guides I tied the fastest uni to uni I have ever tied before to the 15lb fluoro on my jig rod. Somehow I got the knot cinched down seconds before the fish took off on a screaming run. I assumed I had a musky but wasn't sure. I babied the fish because I knew I had given it slack and was using small trebles, and after a 5 minute battle I got the first look at a hybrid striper that appeared to be 24-25" long. I played the fish some more and right when I reached behind his head to grab him, he shook off, and his shoulders were too wide for me to grab him behind the gills, and he swam off!


Maybe next time I'll get him. :blink:

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Dang that's crazy!  I had a pretty similar experience just this past week.  Hooked into a chrome steelhead hen in heavy current, but drag was too tight.  Loosened up the drag and instantly my entire reel shot up line everywhere and I had a big rat's nest on my hand.  Ditched the rod/reel, grabbed onto the line closest to the steelhead and proceeded to successfully hand-line in the 5.56 lb beast.  As soon as I had her landed on shore the hooks popped out.  I think the biggest thing is just keeping the line/tension tight the whole battle.  Sounds like a fun time.  Go get em.

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