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Late Fall Stick Worm Technique ?

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For those who still employ a stick worm (Senko , Yum Dinger , etc.) in Fall / Late Fall please advise your set up , colors used and technique (i.e. T-Rig , Wacky) and how you may fish the stick worm ... I'm thinking there may be a play on a dying shad immitation or a craw moving slowly on the bottom ?

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Match the forage.

Salt and Pepper, White, Shad colors in lakes with shad, if golden shiners, go with green pumpkin gold flake, or smoke gold flake, but I use watermelons, green pumpkin, chart and white...

I usually fish them weightless in fall, often fish them like a fluke/Sluggo, maybe rig them on a ned rig or jig head in small 2.5-3", or wacky rig a 4" depending on size of forage fish are feeding on.

I would not change much, Sometimes a slow fall is good so maybe use mono, smaller hook, full zinker or Zero which will float when salt is gone but I like to fish them weightless texas rigged most of the time and I like 4" or 5" and I use alot of colors in baitfish tones even Junebug if bluegills present...

Also, Slow....Maybe add a small Willow blade to the back for flash and swim it which is known as the MJ rig if you google it. Works well, I saw Timmy Horton show it on TV and it works as a weedless presentation which keeps you moving while cold. Hope that helps.


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