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Trokar pro swim jig mold mod

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Alright first off I'd like to say this is my first post here but I've been lurking for awhile and have found this group very helpful.  my question is not directly bass related but I value ya'll's knowledge, I am going to build a custom redfish spinner and want to use the pro swim jig mold designed for the trokar flat eye. I do not however, want to use a flat eye hook, I want to use the owner 5317. The question I have is has anyone ever modified this mold to accept a regular style eye hook and if so how difficult was it? I'm assuming that I should just be able to use a small drimmel bit and open the eyelet on the mold up a little but I'd hate to screw up a 50$ mold on a pipe dream lol..thank you for any and all opinions. David

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That is an easy mod if you have a drill press. place the hook you want to use in the mold to see where the eye goes, once it is positioned close the mold carefully so you don't move the hook location. Once the mold is closed hold on to it tight and place it in a vise between two blocks of wood and tighten the vise until the mold is almost closed. This will leave an impression of the hook eye on the mold surface, now all you need to do is find the right size bit and drill out the area for the eye, very simple. Remember to set  the press up to go only have the hook diameter for each side of the mold, if you go deeper on one side than the other the hook won't be centered and it will cause it to not run true.

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