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Loxahatchee Federal Preserve

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Loxahatchee Preserve, Saturday 12/3/16, 6:00-noon, Temp 70's, Mostly cloudy, wind N/E 10-20, no current, water stained, water temp 74*, levels seasonal high, weeds thick on the flat, you can still power through the thick stuff.

Went to Lox with fellow coach Steve Johnson.  We were met at the ramps with a mass of about 100 vultures that just arrived from up north on the Snow Bird Express.  These birds will destroy all the rubber around you doors and windows, along with your wiper blades, and ruin a paint job.  I experienced this last year.  This is the biggest class I've ever seen at Lox.  To save the vehicle, I tied plastic bags to the antenna, so they move in the wind.  I put reflective sun visor across the window, so they see their reflection, and don't park near any trees.  Trucks near the trees get hit hard.  It worked this time, no damage.

Steve and I noticed the water levels are still up so you can power through the weeds on the flats.  I filed my T/M blades to a sharp edge to help get through it.  I began fishing a swim bait and Steve a frog.  We got bites almost immediately.  With the thick grass if you didn't get the head up quick, things got tough in the grass.  After running out of swim baits I went to a Gambler cane toad.  It drew attention right away, but one big fish came unbuttoned in the grass.  About 10:00 things slowed and we switch to senko type baits, with light weight and slowed way down.  We caught another 6 or 7 bass using this technique.  Most bass were tight to heavy cover edges, and around pad fields.  If you could find calm water on the flat, bass were in the area. 

We finished the day with 25 bass caught, the biggest was about 2 lbs.  I lost a heavy fish in thick cover on the Gambler cane toad.  Could have been a Bowfin, but a friend always says, its a bass if you can't see it. Lol:laugh5:  It got buried in the thick stuff quickly.  It was a great morning on the water catching some fish, and catching up on old times with a friend.  No bird damage!:happy-112:

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Sounds like a great day on the water.

It is 45/20 here. 

Definately missing the swamp.

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Thanks again Rick for posting those pics.

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I enjoyed reading, and I thank you for, your good report.  Glad you got into some bass.  Now I want to get back out to the Glades -- seems like you did a lot better than the guys on Okeechobee lately.  This year is upside down.

And it's funny how those birds eat rubber.  Happens in the parking lot at my office, too. Wiper blades are like chocolate bars to buzzards. They could possibly drink turpentine without ill effect.

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