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Cody Winter

Installing new NMEA network on ranger 481v

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I have just purchased the boat in a box from tackle warehouse which includes two HDS 7 lowrance fish finders a one point antenna and a nmea starter kit. I already have two gen 1 HDS units that were installed on the boat so I have power to the fish finders my problem is adding switched power to the nmea system I'm not sure the correct way to go about this. I do not have any available switches to add this to a switched power source. Can I power the fish finder and nmea network off of the same switch or what is the correct way to add more accessory switches. I would like to get a better grasp on this before I dive into the wiring for the boat. 

Thanks Cody

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You can wire yours using the yellow wire.

For your N2K power node, run the blk wire to ground, red wire to the bat/fuse box, and connect the yellow wire to the yellow wire of one of the HDS units.

This way when you turn on THAT HDS unit, it will wake-up and turn on the N2K.

If you install a new switch just for N2K there are a couple of ways to wire it. blk to ground, red and yellow to the powered switch (easiest). The other way would be to use a non-powered switch for the yellow wire only.

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