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A couple bass on the fluke yesterday

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I caught a couple bass on the Mann's Hardnose fluke yesterday at my friend's pond. I saw a video recently of a guy using them nose-hooked with a finesse hook. I thought they'd be too big because of the cooler water, but was pleasantly surprised. If you haven't used them rigged this way, give it a shot. The action is better I guess because there is no hook in the body. And the Mann's fluke is just "wigglier" than Zoom's and the material is much more durable. I also got 5 on the Ned first time I tried it and 3 on the Finesse Worm and missed several more, mostly on the Ned.


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Nose hooked like that . One of my favorite ways to  use  them.The radical action is awesome.

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Second that on the nose hook. During the end of the post spawn and summer I plug cut them on a drop shot and work them about 10-15' off the bottom then let them free spool back down and they do the death spiral down just like mooch fishing.


It can be very productive.

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