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Pelican Bounty 10' Angler Kayak

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Hey guys, I am looking to purchase my first kayak and I have a $300 budget. I know that is not much for a kayak but I will only be using it in small lakes and standing up is not a big deal for me, If I get tired of sitting I will just row to the bank and stretch. I am lookin at the pelican bounty and was wondering if anyone has ever used one or knows somebody that has one and can give me some feed back. Also what would be some other good 10' kayaks in that price range.

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Don't have one, however, this is approximately the size and the weight of my wife's Little Swifty, she doesn't fish; just paddles and anchors in the shade and reads.  If you're on a limited budget, this will get you out on the water.  This comes with a couple pole holders in the back and one in the front that you can use to put your rod in while you rig up or get a fish off the hook.  I like the front rod holder as well for trolling since you can actually see your pole if you get a hook up. You can get a small anchor for about $10 to keep you in place where it's shallow.  Also, stow your stuff, extra jacket or food in a plastic contractor garbage bag behind your seat inside to keep things dry.

You have the right attitude about this, as your expectations are not beyond what this little kayak can deliver.  If you use it for a few years, you can sell it for $150 or $200 and it cost you $100 or less per year to expand your fishing opportunities.

Good luck.

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I personally would not look at a sit inside for fishing,

prefer a sit on top, but that said, it would be a fine

fishing kayak to start your yak fishing adventures.

Heck, if you love it, and it suits your needs, it could 

be more than a beginner yak.


I started with a $300 Pelican, 10', we still have it and

my boys use it in fresh/salt water to fish during the 

warmer months. Standing was important to me, so I

did upgrade. If it weren't, I may still be fishing from it,

who knows?


Though I say I prefer a SOT, I actually have a hybrid

which is a cross between canoe/kayak, but has an 

open design as opposed to a more closed in design of

a sit-inside.

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