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High school bass fishing

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Im doing a project for school and I have to explain why high school fishing should become an official sport. I need some help and i believe y'all can help me!!!!!


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New Kent?  They make you write papers in New Kent? And the papers are not about the plantations along Route 5?  Unbelievable!


Ok, so why should bass fishing be an "official sport?"


I could ask "why not?" but that does not help your cause.


Food for thought and for you to research and flush out. Write down thoughts and ideas and then make an outline (yuch) for your report. You can use some of these suggestions as individual items in your report:


1.  Number of participants is very high

2.  Cost of equipment is exensive

3.  Active competition on all levels of the sport, from high school, to clubs, to Elites

4.  Extremely challenging like golf

5.  Extremely humbling like golf

6.  Both sexes can enjoy fishing without limitations

7.  Helps with the environment as bass fishermen like to clean up waters, such as the Historic James River

8.  Monetary input into the local economies from taxes on sales of fishing supplies (interview BPS manager on the financial impact that store has brought to Hangover County and the surrounding area, plus the jobs created with the improvement of the I-95 intersection)

9.  It is not necessary to wear an athletic supporter to be an athlete. Check out the NASCAR drivers.

10. The formula for making the FLW and BASS Classics is difficult and you have to work your way up the chain with victories in different tournaments, just like the NCAA playoffs in various sports

11. The metal challenges preparing for tournaments and then the metal challenges while on the water present a very different kind of sport where one must use their experience and metal ability to outfox this small green creature with a brain the size of a pea that makes us look like fools.  Sort of like playing football for the Dallas Cowboys. And with other sports such as tennis,golf, tennis, bowling, gymnastics, volleyball, softball, baseball, football, soccer, football, wrestling, pool, basketball, billiards, horseshoes, cricket, equestrian events, horse racing, cross country, track, etc.

12.  Fishing is a sport that is known and enjoyed around the world, from the USA to Europe, Australia, Africa, the Orient, Alaska, Russia, Middle East Central and South American, Canada. Around the world which brings people from all of these nations and continents together for one purpose: to go fishing

13.  Logic comes into play at all times you are on the water and during your preparation


Now, with those 13 items as a start, you have to boil it down as to how all of that should be taken into consideration for a high school fishing club, especially one that has its home county on the Historic James River.


1. Commoradity - the guys and gals get to know and learn to trust each other; get to talk about their lives and dreams while fishing

2.  Work ethics - participants learn how to work together as a team to out-fool those darn little green things, along with catfish, bream, crappies, strippers, bull sharks and manta rays in the Historic James River

3.  Learn to enjoy and respect nature - see the river's beauty up close and in person along with the eagles, hawks, different birds, deer, otters, beavers, snakes, etc.

4.  Branch out to have a club photo contest while fishing. The beauty needs to be captured and shared with club members and your high school classmates

5.  Patience - you need patience to fish. Fishing teaches us how to be patient and not rush and do things half-cocked

6.  Keep the Historic James Clean - the club participants work with other environmental groups to clean up the Historic James every summer. Lots of fun and not only will you find all kinds of things you will meet others outside of your high school who share the love of the river.

6.  Safety - you learn how to be safe on the water and what to wear to make sure you are OK when you fall out of the boat

7.  Financials - you have to work or do chores to earn money to purchase your tackle. The Bait Monkey loves you.

8.  Fishing outdates other sporting activities, including ice hockey in Canada and cricket in England. It is one of, if not, the oldest sport around. From the cave men, to the Indians, to the Pilgrims and forward, man has always fished for food and enjoyment


OK, now you have a base to expand.  Sit down at your desk in your room at home, turn off the lights and all sound, and let your mind float thinking about your paper and what other things you can include. This is called "brain storming" and you can make it as serious or funny as you wish. Makes notes for future reference.


Keep pen and paper by your bed so when a thought pops into your mind you can write it down.


Then, get your family or friends together and have a big brain storming session, with you taking notes. Nothing is off the table. Once again, as funny or serious as possible.


Good luck and have some fun with this paper. It is challenging (like bass fishing) but extremely rewarding (like bass fishing).

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P.S. I just thought of something else: The club can be open to all students. You do not need to meet any specific athletic qualities as in other sports. Small, large, skinny, fat, guys, gals, tall, short, special needs. Does not matter. Fishing is open to everyone.  And the experienced people can help and share their fishing knowledge with the newbies.  Fishing helps with confidence and promotes a good self-image to the participants.

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Today, at an interview, I got bored so I did some brainstorming on your query.


Here is what I brain stormed, in no particular order:

Budget - you need to have a budget for the administration if you want any school board financial help

Show the advantages of the club to the school board and how it helps the school

Builds esprit-decors among the students in the club

Make new lifelong friendships

Learn a new skill

Enjoy the outdoors

Have parents involved

Have picnics on the river at the county ramp

Learn how to operate a boat

Achieve getting your safe boating certification

See new places

Learn the local geographical area

Have a TV view in of the Classic weigh-in

Work with teachers and volunteers on fund raising for awards and tackle

Have a swim party in a swimming pool

"Outsiders" welcome - meaning those students who are not blessed with athletic skills

Students helping students


That's all from me. Put on your thinking cap and think of how the club will benefit the students and school division.

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any time you are teaching kids a new sport ,an appreciation for the environment. offering something new and challenging to the mind. expanding a students knowlage base, on electronics, how different things are made, and a general passion for learning. and then offering them a sense of self value and pride. not to mention the representation of your local town and school. isn't that what schools and education departments encourage? best of luck on the paper. hope you get an A PLUS !!   

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Id like to thank y'all very much for yalls help. That helped me out very much, and I end up getting a good grade. I got a 95% and yall helped me out tremendously. Thank you very much Sam and Lonnie G


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your welcome, congrats on the great grade! now go out and catch a big one. enjoy your self.

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