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Deeper fish-finder or something else?

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Took a look in the Cabelas ad and saw they're having their Father's Day sales.  Also noticed that the Deeper fish finder is on sale for $119.99, normally $199.99.  


That's a helluva savings.  


The main use something like this would see is attached to my brother's inflatable pontoon.  I could also use it from shore attaching some 550 cord and chucking it (then I wouldn't need to get a rod that can hurl 3.5oz).


So I guess my main question is, looking at the Deeper's original price-point of $200, what kind quality fish-finder can you get from the usual companies for that price or a little more (+$50)?  Obviously if we went with something from like... Lowrance or the like, we'd need a separate battery to go with it since I doubt any of them are self-powered like the Deeper.


Would we be better off with the Deeper or something else?


Thanks folks!

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A separate battery for a finder is less than $30 bucks. I bought a 12V 10 AH that'll power my finder for a weekend easily. I just purchased a Garmin but they are all descent. Just know what you want and/or need. It's easy to spend a lot but sales abound!


I picked up a 5" screen because I wanted a split display and didn't want to have to squint a lot without my "cheaters"on my face to see the screen. So fat I'm happy. Just knowing the depth I'm finding is huge in the fishing game.


HTH - Freddo

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Well, weight is a bit of a concern.  Not to mention mounting.


Do any of you know of any mounting solutions for a fish finder to a craft like the Salt Fork?

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