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Finally got off bank...


For past 1 year plus, I have been pretty down on bank fishing for a bunch of reason I cannot change. I have toyed with idea of small bass boat, Jon boat, canoe and Kayak. After a good year of changing my mind every other week I finally pulled the trigger on a kayak.


Went to dealers demo day today and tried out the Hobie Pro Angler 12 and the Native Slayer Propel 10. After demoing both I decided on the Hobie Pro Angler 12. They are installing Boonedox Landing Gear and anchor trolley so I will be picking up next weekend. Can't wait to finally get kayak and start fishing from a yak:) Most of my waters are small and local reservoir & state park lakes don't allow gas motors.


For those interested why I chose the Hobie over the Native Slayer Propel, it had to do with the Hobie being a better all around feeling and performing boat. However, one area the Native rocked was its reverse by back peddling, it is very easy to slow boat down, back up, and manuvuer to get your exact spot to start fishing. The Hobie reverse was good but you need to pull a cord for reverse, then another for forward, then the reverse to go to reverse...until you get exact position. The Native has it over the Hobie in reversing and switching effortlessly from reverse to forward.


However, I decided to go with the Pro Angler 12 because it is overall a much better boat IMHO, than the Native (except for reversing). The Hobie turns better, sharper, Lowrance ready, heavier (a plus for me), tracks better over open water, steadier to stand in and move around in, rudder control more substantial, all Hobie parts and pieces feel stronger - sturdier. The Hobie Mirage drive is much smoother and more efficient than the Native Propel system which felt a little clunky while pedaling, plus the Hobie was much easier to get fins out of way than Natives system. On a glass lake the Hobie barely had any water in front landing area while Native quite a bit (not sure why).


One of the other things I liked a lot better on the Hobie was that the landing deck in front of the seat was much cleaner, less cluttered. The Native seemed cramped and their proprel system created alot of ways to snag line when fly fishing, the Hobie looked like more room and less snag points.


The Hobie did come at a cost of $800.00 more so if cost was major concern Native Slayer Propel 10 is real nice and has great reverse functionality, plus is stable to stand and fish out of.


Once I get to fish I'll update this.

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